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Why choose our school?

Middle Park State School is proudly an 
Independent  Public  School.
This allows us to  provide the opportunities to our students to achieve higher productivity and better quality educational outcomes.
While remaining part of the state school system, we have embraced the additional autonomy to provide:
  • Enhanced local governance
Our school council approves and monitors our strategic direction, further strengthening collaborative local decision making. 
  • Increased innovation
As an Independent Public School we are able to embrace innovation to maximize student learning outcomes by responding directly to our community needs.
  • Locally tailored workforce
Middle Park State School has been granted the autonomy for greater flexibility with staffing options through such means as direct recruitment and allocation of our staffing model. 
  • Increased financial flexibility
Our school flexibly directs our budget to best meet our students needs. 
  • Building for the Future
The ability to cut red tape, remove layers of management and give our local community a greater say in decision making allows our school to formulate plans that best match the strategic vision for the school.
The end result is that this allows us to be more effective and accountable, respond better to local issues, promote greater community engagement, and ultimately and most importantly - lead to improved educational outcomes.
Reputation of high performance with a focus on
  • Fleming model of explicit teaching
  • Robert Mazano’s ‘Art and Science of Teaching’
  • Differentiated teaching and learning
  • Feedback
  • Improvement agenda focusing on literacy and numeracy
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Moderation of learning samples and collaborative planning across year levels
 A range of extra-curricular options including: 
  • ICAS Competitions
  • Instrumental music program including string ensembles and concert bands
  • Choir
  • Performing Arts Troupe
  • Interschool sporting competition
  • Swim/Aquatic Program with qualified teachers in our own pool
  • Camps from Years 4-6
  • Excursions
  • Arts Council performances

Classrooms and other learning spaces resourced with: 

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop pods
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Webcams, still and video cameras
  • Ipads
  • Digital microscopes, recording devices, listening posts and a variety of other electronic equipment
Services to families including: 
  • Online eNewsletter including smartphone integration with the QSchools App
  • P&C shop (uniforms) and Tuckshop on site
  • Outside Hours School Care
  • Parent Information Sessions outside school hours
  • Variety of payment options including internet banking, EFTPOS, by mail, phone or in person
  • Chaplaincy program

Our school is a proud member of the Happy School program

We value our staff and believe that the work we do is important. Staff morale and well-being have a HUGE impact on student achievement, relationships within our school and the successful implementation of change. High stress levels have a negative impact and increase staff absence. A happier staff leads to better results!
As members of the Happy School program each week we receive a ready-to-use one page article to share with staff. The articles provide professional development and practical strategies to improve staff well-being, reduce stress, cope better with change, work effectively with others and engage our students. The articles are written by experts, especially for staff in schools.
The articles provide staff with:
  • strategies to improve well-being and reduce stress
  • skills to better use their time
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • work better with others; and
  • improve their work-life balance.
Over 600 schools across Australia, New Zealand and internationally are members of the Happy School program.