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Homework Policy
Statement of intent
Middle Park State School’s homework policy was developed in consultation with the school community.
Homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, develop automaticity of skills, pattern behaviour for lifelong learning beyond the classroom and involve family members in their learning.  The setting of homework takes into account the need for students to have a balanced lifestyle. This includes sufficient time for family, recreation and cultural pursuits.

Teachers can help students establish a routine of regular, independent study by;
  • ensuring the school’s homework policy is implemented, 
  • setting homework on a regular basis,
  • clearly communicating the purpose, benefits and expectations of all homework,
  • using homework that is varied, challenging and directly related to class work and appropriate to student’s learning needs,
  • explicitly teaching strategies that develop organisational and time-management skills and providing opportunities to practise these strategies through homework,
  • giving consideration to other academic and personal development activities (school based or other) that students could be engaged in when setting homework,
  • discussing with parents and caregivers any developing problems concerning their child’s homework and suggesting strategies to assist with their homework, and
  • differentiating homework activities to cater for the needs of their cohort. 
Students can take responsibility for their own learning by;
  • being aware of the school’s homework policy,
  • discussing with their parents or caregivers homework expectations,
  • accepting responsibility for the completion of homework tasks within set time frames,
  • following up on comments made by teachers,
  • seeking assistance when difficulties arise, and 
  • organising their time to manage home obligations, participation in physical activity and sports, recreational and cultural activities.
Parents and caregivers can help their children by;
  • reading to them, talking with them and involving them in tasks at home including shopping, playing games and physical activity,
  • helping them complete tasks by discussing key questions or directing them to resources,
  • encouraging them to organise their time and take responsibility for their learning,
  • encouraging them to read and to take an interest in and discuss current local, national and international events,
  • helping them to balance the amount of time spent completing homework, watching television, playing computer games, playing sport and engaging in other recreational activities, and
  • contacting the relevant teacher to discuss any concerns about the nature of homework and their child’s approach to the homework.
An outline of Homework Activities to be provided for students at MPSS:
Year level Approximate Time Expectations
Prep 10 – 15 mins per night
Year 1 15 mins per night – 1 hr per week
Year 2 15 mins per night – 1 hr per week
Year 3 15 mins per night – 1 hr per week
Year 4 ​2 hrs per week
Year 5 ​​2.5 hrs per week
Year 6 ​2.5 hrs per week
Examples of content expectations and task types include:
  • Levelled home readers
  • Mathletics
  • Reading Eggs
  • Reading Lexile – Literacy Pro
  • Personal sight words
  • Spelling words
  • Literacy and Numeracy tasks
  • Number facts
  • Independent home reading